We Work Hard at Our Job, So You Can Rest Easy at Yours

A & P Remodeling Company is a full service firm, providing complete turnkey projects, alterations to repairs. We perform renovations and total remodeling projects.


Give your residential or commercial space a fresh, new, re-vitalized look. Faded paint, cracked tile, damaged flooring, overall drab appearance? Mechanical Systems inefficient, under-performing or over-utilized? Our professional craftsmen know how to turn tired, worn out facilites and spaces into new, exciting, and efficient places, on time and on budget.

Remodeling and Alteration Projects

Whether you want to build additional offices or rooms, or to change the appearance of existing facilities, A & P Remodeling Company is your one stop for the finest results.


Keeping up with maintenance and repairs can be a daunting task. Your One Call to A & P Remodeling Company will bring you the peace of mind you need. From deteriorated Mechanical Piping Systems, cracked walls, dangerous sidewalks and parking lots, to leaky roofing and dented siding, we have you covered.

We Bring Over Thirty Years of Experience to Your Project.


This is a word we hold sacred. We will always work to earn your trust, and never take it for granted. Your project must go on, but so too must your business.

At  A & P Remodeling Company, we will always consider your employees, your residents, your guests, and your customers. If a project must be conducted during business hours, we will ALWAYS look for ways to minimize any inconveniences.

You can TRUST that we will do whatever possible to keep our work from interfering with your business.

When You Need It Done Now, and Want It Done Right

Your Sole Source For The Finest In… General

  • Framing, ceilings, drywall and plastering.
  • Painting & Wallcovering
  • Carpet, hardwood, stone, marble & tile flooring.
  • Roofing Systems and Siding. Waterproofing.
  • Window replacements.
  • Concrete, Paving, and Landscaping.
  • Mold Remediation


  • HVAC Systems
  • Sanitary Systems.
  • Water and Sewer Mains. Drainage System Maintenance.
  • Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems.
  • Pumping Systems.
  • Electrical.
  • Emergency Generators.

“Our Trade Partners Meet Our Strict Standards for Quality, Efficiency, and Experience, and Share A & P Remodeling Company’s Commitment to Excellence”